360 video VR Girl – Natasha In The Bathroom (video girl for oculus rift)

Third 360° video – Cleaning Lady – will probably be #LIVE shortly.

Additional knowledge and footage:

00:10 360 #VRGirl Going to the rest room
00:13 Clothes fall down
00:24 Washing Face
00:50 Dressing up
01:23 Practice
02:45 Practice – once more view

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7 Straightforward Morning Exercises That Will Make You Actually really feel Good All Day

1. Cat Camel Strеtch
Stretching exercises are useful for muscle firming and likewise stopping arthritis. They will each be dynamic or static. Dynamic ones, such as a result of the cat camel stretch, are considerably useful for doing totally different exercises inside the morning. They’re moreover useful at totally different events of the day, notably after prolonged intervals of sedentary work. This one is sweet for spinal flexibility and is an efficient warmth up practice.
Kneel down on all fours. Start by rounding your once more an identical to a camel so that your head will try to satisfy your pelvis. That’s the camel place. Then lower and lift your head so that your lower once more is arched. That’s the cat place. Do these actions slowly and simply. About 4 or 5 events.

2. Go for a stroll or a run.
That’s increased accomplished exterior as a method to be a part of with nature, nevertheless working inside on a treadmill is form of just about pretty much as good. You can time your self and improve measurement and time in accordance together with your well being program. On a regular basis have new goals to reach. Start with brisk strolling and work as a lot as working. At my age, I am nonetheless strolling!
The nicely being benefits are considerable. You can assemble stronger bones and it’s possible you’ll help to handle your weight. Moreover, you is likely to be serving to your coronary coronary heart to stay healthful and retaining your blood stress low.

three. Leaping Jacks
Michelle #Obama is an outstanding fan of this practice and has become “Jumper in Chief.” They’re good for cardiovascular nicely being and likewise for firming muscle teams notably the calves and the deltoids.
Stand with toes collectively. Leap whereas spreading your legs and arms. Return to first place and protect going! You’ll be able to start with doing these for 1 minute after which progressively assemble as a lot as the amount you is likely to be cozy with.

4. Abductor Aspect Lifts
These muscle teams are important since you employ them regularly to run, get into the car or onto and off a bicycle. They’re essential moreover to your core stability and forestall the pelvis from tilting. Do about 10–15 raises for all sides.

5. Balancing Desk Pose
It’s a primary yoga pose. It benefits the spine, stability, memory and focus. Start with the desk pose (fingers and knees). Breathe in sooner than starting each movement. As you exhale, enhance your left leg parallel to the bottom as you enhance the becoming arm, moreover parallel to the bottom. Breathe in as you lower arm and leg. Repeat for the alternative side. 10 repetitions on all sides is an efficient place to start.

6. Leg Squats
Not merely legs are involved however moreover hips and knees. Stand alongside together with your toes a bit extra out out of your hips. Arms are out in entrance of you. Then lower your self as for those who occur to wanted to sit down down down until you attain a 90 diploma angle. You can go down extra for those who want to. Then return to the start place. Repeat 15 events for 2 models for newcomers.
The benefits are that these exercises help with knee stability and would possibly revenue the leg muscle teams comparable to quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

7. Push Ups
You start lying down (face down) nevertheless alongside together with your physique held up at arm’s measurement. Your fingers must be in keeping with your shoulders. Breathe in as you lower your physique. That is fairly easy. Now, as you exhale, you must get once more as a lot as the start place. A greater mannequin to start out out with is to bend your legs on the knees in order that you wouldn’t have to boost your full physique.
Newcomers might take as a lot as a month to have the flexibility to do 100 push ups so you will have to start with a extremely small amount and progressively improve it. This practice is sweet for strengthening the chest, shoulders and the triceps. It is a good strengthening practice for lots of muscle groups. In fact, most muscle teams from the toes to the shoulders are getting used.