Dive into Indonesia Coral Triangle – 3D 360° Travel Experience

The Banda Islands of the Molucca space in Indonesia is definitely a bucket file merchandise! A lot much less recognized than Raja Ampat, the Banda archipelago provides an unparallel underwater experience.

Given its place near the center of the Coral Triangle, the Banda Islands are prized for his or her pristine coral reefs and fantastic selection. Sprawling fields of vibrant corals are residence to tons of of reef fish species just like scorpionfish and ghost pipefish, and along with many greater species just like groupers, snappers, Napoleon wrasses and even hammerheads. Close to the Banda Neira shore, the Mandarin fish and their dusk mating antics can be merely observed.

Dive down into the ocean on this 3D 360° experience and take throughout the fantastic implausible factor concerning the underwater world.

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