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Get inches away from numerous of alligators all through this jaw-dropping feeding event at St. Augustine Alligator Farm.

“It’s solely a boiling mass of toothy carnivores” says Jim Darlington, referencing the scene that he’s generally known as his office for the earlier 23 years. The boardwalk he’s standing on shakes as a result of the alligators beneath switch in opposition to it. As a result of the curator of reptiles at St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, Jim feels additional awe than concern.

Alligators are among the many many smartest reptiles, and when it comes time to eat they current up early. Even after 20 years, Jim finds the experience of feeding over 200 hungry alligators fully thrilling. Actually really feel the push of these pre-historic giants converging correct beneath you with VRtually There throughout the video.

When Jim appears to be out all through the water, it’s not solely a mass of animals he sees – he’s conscious of them as individuals. Their distinctive personalities shine most all through feeding time. Instead of competing for meals, the alligator named Stalker sits alongside together with his mouth open to make himself a simple aim. Others favor to remain on the outskirts of the swamp. Some even reply by their establish when Jim calls them.

After spending quite a bit time with these creatures, Jim acknowledges they’re sometimes misunderstood. Whereas alligators are carnivores, they aren’t on a regular basis as vicious and violent as they appear. Alligators spend most of their time lying throughout the sand and photo voltaic. “You wouldn’t think about this, nevertheless an infinite alligator most likely spends most of its day consuming bugs, because of floating bugs that hit the water are one among many additional out there points,” Darlington said.

The animals can actually be additional dangerous in captivity than throughout the wild because of they’ve realized to find out individuals as a result of the bearers of meals.

At St. Augustine’s Alligator Swamp that human is Jim, and it’s getting close to lunchtime. Attempt the video above for a entrance row seat to the unimaginable feast.

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Extraordinary gator feeding frenzy in 360