Grand Canyon VR Video

For over 100 years, the Grand Canyon has challenged filmmakers with various the roughest conditions on Earth. In June, with help from Google, 360 Labs took the Bounce 360º 3D digicam system on a 10 day river journey with Western River Expeditions.

VR producer, Matt Rowell managed 32 GoPro cameras all through various 360º arrays for the principle photos on “As It Is: A Grand Canyon VR Documentary” due out this winter all through numerous platforms.

On this Bounce piece, we uncover simply a few of it’s wonders whereas listening to the final word night’s passage throughout the journal of Buzz Holmstrom who rowed the scale of the Colorado River from Wyoming to Hoover Dam in a handmade boat in 1937. He did it alone.

On one sturdy hike, Matt took a tricky fall in a slot canyon with the Bounce digicam case. Fortunately, Matt wasn’t critically injured, nevertheless contained within the case, one in all many GoPro lenses was badly scratched and resulted in a vertical blur in various of these Bounce photos.

Many on account of our Kickstarter backers, Google, YouTube, Western River Expeditions and our unimaginable guides, along with our fellow Google Trusted Photographer, Daniel Luke Holton.

Check out the 360 video trailer for “As It Is” to find the Grand Canyon even further in VR –