Komodo dragons captured in 360 VR for the very first time!

The first time we observed Komodo dragons in precise life was a humbling and actually thrilling second. We had seen this majestic creature a great deal of events in wildlife documentaries nonetheless certainly not thought we might see them up this shut in precise life!

As we reached the shore of Rinca island with our small speedboat the dragons picked up our scent and dove straight into the water to return again for us. It’s doable they smelled the sandwiches we launched for lunch, nevertheless it absolutely felt additional like they figured we’ve been on the menu ;).

The Komodo dragon is crucial residing species of lizard. They’re notorious predators that kill by ambushing their prey and inflicting a bit with a deadly cocktail of venom and micro organism. The burden loss program of big Komodo dragons primarily consists of deer and carrion. Human assaults are sadly common and there have been heaps fatalities all by way of historic previous.

It’s often weak species that is on the IUCN Pink Itemizing and although the Komodo Nationwide Park was dropped at life to protect these animals and their habitat, we have seen giant air air pollution all by way of the park, as we’ll current throughout the upcoming film we’re engaged on with The Watermen Endeavor, Combine Media and Marine Megafauna Foundation.

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We make 360° video productions which might be perfected to be expert in extreme end VR headsets (like Gear VR and Oculus) along with Cardboard and YouTube/Fb 360. Our background as filmmakers give us the advantage of understanding how one can inform a story and truly captivate your viewers. Clearly te pointers are completely totally different in VR nonetheless nonetheless there could also be so much that we obtain from having this experience.

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Komodo Dragons In The Wild (360 VR Video)