This Burning Man 2016 immersive experience brings people from all all around the world to Black Rock Metropolis for the ultimate phrase radical inclusion experiment. The 360 view to the desert depicts regularly life and journey via the dusty week on the playa. It is meant to supply viewers notion to the one amongst a kind experience by transporting them to fully totally different and usually obscure areas contained in the metropolis. Now, can you go to Black Rock Metropolis?

The narration all via the video was carried out by three veteran Burners who share knowledge on their experiences and what Burning Man is likely to be for everyone. These narrators (in order of look) are Danielle Gann-Lind AKA “Gemini”, Harry Thomas AKA “Dr. Xerxes O’Fathom”, and Christina Nellemann AKA “Zillah Skylarking”. This video was made doable by the School of Nevada, Reno Libraries and Burning Man Media Mecca.

Produced by: Tod Colegrove & Michelle Rebaleati

Filmed by: Ryan Bayfield, Tod Colegrove, Denise Quon, & Michelle

Edited by: Michelle Rebaleati


The Window to Radical Inclusion – A 360 Immersive Experience