Thirty-Six Miles by Hal Cannon [official 360 degree video]

Bear in mind: YouTube defaults the image prime quality pretty low. Whenever you’ve bought.a terrific internet connection change the usual from 320p to a greater choice. Viewing choices: transferring a wise phone or iPad spherical, exploring every angle of the panorama is the idea behind this music video. If yow will uncover VR glasses that is the most interesting.

36 miles separate the railroad metropolis of Gallup, New Mexico from the normal pueblo of Zuni. A religious gulf much better than 36 miles exists between these two places. It’s troublesome. Many points about modern American life tie the two places collectively.

Hal Cannon on a regular basis appreciates being a customer at Zuni and enjoys continued friendships there. This tune does not attempt to symbolize Zuni in anyway apart from singing the beautiful and which implies crammed phrase “Shalako.” The tune is dedicated to the memory of Nathan Wemytewa who misplaced his life between Gallup and Zuni. Due to his father and buddy Edward Wemytewa. This video was produced by Carol Dalrymple. Greg Istock performs double bass and piano on the tune. Dave Tate engineered the music. “Thirty-Six Miles,” will lead off Hal Cannon’s upcoming album, “Nothin’ Lastin.”