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1000’s and 1000’s of Mexican free-tailed bats spend the summer season in Bracken Cave exterior San Antonio, Texas. Watch the astonishing current as a result of the colony emerges for its nightly feast.

Take into consideration 200 bats hanging out of your laptop computer laptop show display. That’s how densely Mexican free-tailed bats pack the partitions of Bracken Cave every summer season.

Bracken Cave, on the outskirts of San Antonio, is dwelling to a very powerful recognized colony of bats on the earth. Roughly 15-20 million bats converge there each summer season. Witness them fly overhead with VRtually There inside the video.

Each spring pregnant female bats migrate to Central Texas the place they supply supply and raise their youthful sooner than returning to Mexico in October. With temperatures over 100 ranges, the environment contained within the cave acts as an unlimited incubator for the youthful bats.

The nursing moms emerge from the cave each night time time to fly prolonged distances searching for meals. They gorge on moths, flying ants, and totally different crop pests. Their focus is so dense that the airborne colony seems like a cloud on local weather radar screens miles away. The bats collectively devour over 140 tons of bugs each night time time, providing a service to farmers shut by. They return to the cave sooner than daybreak whereas it’s nonetheless darkish.

The juveniles unfold their wings for the first time once they’re spherical a month outdated. The flight is a matter of life or lack of life as the bottom of the cave is crawling with dermestid beetles, which is ready to devour fallen bats in a matter of minutes. Half of the pups gained’t make it to their second birthday. Spherical August and September, the youthful start turning into a member of their mothers for hunts exterior the cave.

Experience the bats emerge for his or her nightly feast on this unimaginable pure spectacle inside the video above.

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World’s largest bat colony, 15-20 million strong, emerges from Texas cave in 360